“I Can’t do That Workout.”

Is this you?

You got all of your workouts in for the week. You even did some extra running since the weather was so nice, but the running may have been a little too much. You wake up Friday morning, and your knee isn’t “injured,” but if it could talk, it would be cussing you out in Esperanto.

You check the workout that morning and see squats, probably the most knee-driven thing you can think of. You’re up; and there’s only an hour until class starts, and you want to keep the active streak going and finish out this week strong. 

So, what do you do? 

Three words from your coach.

“I got you.”

We got you because this is what we do. Almost everyone has “something” to work around or give some extra thought to before the clock starts counting down to go time. 

You hop on the FB group and ask about the squats and your knee, and the coach replies, “I got you” because he does. He knows that you getting your activity goals each week is more important that what kind of activity you’re doing. Instead of squats, he takes you through the warm-up and keeps in communication with you about your knee. He changes your squats to Romanian Deadlifts because you’ll still get a great workout with your lower body and avoid the angry knee today. 

You’re sweaty, safe, and accomplished because you showed up and got coaching. Don’t forget that where your questions begin, the coach’s ability to answer begins as well. Don’t assume that you need to skip because you’re unsure. 

Use us. Ask us. Lean on us. 

We got you.


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