I Want to be This Rich.

As kids, a lot of us thought about what we would buy or do if we were wealthy.
“I’d by a theme park and let my friends all come to play for free every day, except for Tanner.”
“I’d have my own plane!”
“I’d pay someone to do all my chores!”

As an adult, the things that signal that “I’ve made it” are more mature, like:
“Raiding the mini-bar of a hotel room and not worrying about the bill.”
“Not flying Southwest, just one time.”
“Paying for a car in cash.”
“Affording to eat great food”

Wealth for me isn’t necessarily doing certain things. instead, it’s having the freedom to decide if I’ll do them or not.

If I have the money to take a trip to anywhere but lack the health to enjoy the trip or make a trek to see the best sights, am I still wealthy?

We can only enjoy as much wealth as our body and mind can let us experience. Going back in time to eat bananas instead of chips isn’t an option, but taking out a paper and pen to write out lunch each day and when we will workout is.

I remember this saying “If you have a problem that money or talking can solve, you’re rich.”

We can always figure out how to make more money. They print it every day. No one is printing the health part of riches. You can’t counterfeit or steal it, and it most definitely holds its value.

If you want to be wealthy, I highly recommend this investment.


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