If I Could Start CrossFit All Over Again.

If you could go back and start CrossFit all over again, what would you do differently?

“Well, a whole lot”

Let’s start with one thing at a time.


I would have found someone to coach me sooner instead of relying on my knowledge.

Coaching isn’t just crucial for a program like CrossFit. Its part of what makes CrossFit stand out from other methods of pursuing fitness.

I got three muscle ups on my first day playing around at an affiliate because I had been on the rings before, but I could not do a squat snatch to save my life or yours. So, I watched videos on youtube; I practiced with a broom at my house (my dogs loved it and were also afraid of me), I spent about two months trying to help myself, which is ridiculous because I was the one who needed help.

My snatches got marginally better. I could lift heavier, but they looked off, I still sucked.

The turning point happened when I asked for help from a trainer who knew how to snatch. I was hesitant to ask for his help because he tried to get in a fist-fight with me the day I met him. But, that’s how bad I wanted to get better.

He gave me a PVC pipe and murdered me with 128,492 Jump shrugs and nothing else.

I got better. A lot better.

The difference was the coach. An authority figure told me to cut out 99% of the stuff I was doing (which was good stuff but not helpful) and focus on my core problem.

Only then, I began to understand his value. He could see what I could not. I saw with my eyes. He saw with his experience. At the time, I would not understand why he chose the most boring and remedial move, but he would.

He made sure I did, what I wouldn’t do by myself. THAT is coaching.

If 2009 Jeff came to 2019 WLRCF, he would hear things like:

“Do the simple version well; THEN, you can try the complex version.”

“I saw you’re still avoiding squats; if your knee’s been hurting this long, it’s time to see someone about it.”

“You don’t need a harder workout; you need to do this workout, harder.”

“Stop eating so many damn Reeses cups if you want abs.”


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