I’ve Sworn an Oath of Solitude Until the Pestilence is Purged From These Lands.

We’re vulnerable to our own perceptions.

Anne Frank spent two years in an attic and with her family to avoid behind captured by the nazis.

I doubt that was done in total fear for the full 2 years. There had to be laughs. There had to be jokes. There had to be disagreements, apologies, conflict, and love.

Humor is perhaps the only language I know of that’s more universal than enthusiasm.

We may be more or less in favor of the current “call to inaction” we all are faced with enduring but nonetheless, we are going to have to endure it. So we may as well inject it with some of our own humor, jokes, worthy conflicts and resolutions, love and “humanity.”

If the cabin fever is reaching high temperatures, perhaps just a quick, silly change in wording can start the snowball into a renewed sense of calm humanity and humor that has helped pull humans through trying times for years and years.

I, for one, have not chosen to “shelter in place.”

I’ve sworn an oath of solitude until the pestilence is purged from these lands.

Entry is barred unless you come bearing gifts of Lysol and mead.

Whatever you make this time into, make it fun. Someone has to.


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