Just Like That

If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed that everything is speeding up.
The time it takes to pull up and play your favorite music is now gone.
“Alexa, play The Sounds of Animals Fighting.”
25MBPS of internet service was lightning a few years ago. Now, my business has fiber optic that runs 9x faster for the same price. My computer loads pages faster than my dog can eat all of his food, which is really fast.
Last Tuesday, I coached a morning class and was surprised by how small it was. But I would swear to you right now, that it happened yesterday.
Are things really speeding up? Or have they always been the fastest we’ve ever seen?
Either way, all of us, or time is moving very fast through the universe, which means we can’t stay here. We’re kidding ourselves if we’re going to live like time will halt for us to do something when it’s convenient for us.
It won’t.
I only have a handful of things I wish I would have done before it became too late. But god, do I have them.
This is where I type something about fitness and food.
But instead, if you have something you want to do, need to do, or hope to see change fitness or not…
You can look at it and say “one day” or you can look at it, real hard, as in “squint your eyes in the mirror, marveling at the vision of where you would be if you had started a year ago” kind of hard look, and say “day one.”
Because someday is a myth,
and soon will be too late.
Because I took a nap when I was six, then I woke up, and I was 30.
It goes by, “Just like that.”


So, You’re Stuck.

I’ve listened to a few thousand people bullsh*t me about their “goals.” (more on that tomorrow) Me: Why do you want to do this program?

Warning: Intense.

If you looked back on this post a month from now, would you be glad you took it to heart? OR would you once again


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