Life’s a Garden, Dig It.

I used to catch myself at a bar or burger joint with friends, asking myself the same question: “Do I go for healthy? or forget it and eat, drink and be happy?”

You probably already see how messed up that question is. You can’t be healthy without being happy, and if you’re happy without your health, it won’t be for long.

But it’s still a question that many of us ask internally, and it can’t be answered by feeding only your happiness or only your health.

Instead of “I’m healthy/not healthy today,” or “I’m happy/not happy today,” do this instead:

Draw a line down the center of a page of paper, dividing it into two columns.

On the top left, write health. Write the top 3-10 things you do that help you live a better, more meaningful life. Physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, financially, etc.

On the top right, write the word, Happy or Joy. List the top 3-10 things you do that bring you joy. Physically, mentally, intrinsically, socially, etc.

Don’t pre-meditate what put down. Just write. An unfiltered mind is an honest mind.

After you write enough in both columns, you’ll see that some things occur on both sides. Circle them and put them on a different sheet of paper.

After you’ve finished writing, check out your separate list.

These are your seeds.

You water them.

No one else will.

From here out, you will see our body as a field of good soil. It will grow whatever you plant and water. If you plant grain and water it often, you will have a harvest before you know it. If you plant weeds and water them, you will have a field of only dense weeds.

Day by day, you will notice what you’re growing in your field if you pay attention.

Some of us water whatever we have. We don’t remember what we planted, and it took some time for the flowers to become recognizable.

Thankfully, we don’t need a Bush Hog to cut down weeds. You only need to stop watering them. Instead, water (focus) on the seeds you want to grow.

Here is my Seed list.


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