Like Chess, but with More Explosions

Setbacks and screw-ups suck.

I’ve been screwing things up and dealing with setbacks for years and even now, they still suck. I could even tell you they suck more because I feel like I should know better at this point.

I’ve read a lot of books that claim: “Here’s how not to screw up.”

I’ve also read books (that I like much more) that say: “You’ve screwed up. That’s fantastic! Here’s how to take that ability you have to screw things up and build something worthwhile with it!”

There’s great info in both kinds but a bigger reason I keep going past frustrating screw-ups and setbacks is because of my 7th grade Talented and Gifted Class teacher, Mrs. Curren.

Our whole class learned chess and played each other over the course of a year in our own club. After weeks of getting the basics down, practicing with friends and even looking online for tips. I was ready for a big match. I played against the girl I was crushing on.

I lost.


It was obvious to Mrs. Curren that I was embarrassed and she came to my corner of the room as other players advanced.

“You did good, but you have to lose to be really good. Everyone loses. Kids who cant handle losing just bounce around to something else…and then they do it as grown-ups. The only thing they get good at is quitting.”

Life is like Chess. If it’s my life, there are just more explosions. Did I ever tell you the time Rich Fronning almost shot my face off with fireworks?

In “Life Chess” Your opponent is the world as it unfolds to you, but a victory does not mean you’ve won. A defeat does not mean you’ve lost. A silly and costly move does not mean you’re a bad player.

Losing pieces is part of the game. No-one walks out of this with all of their pawns and bishops.

Each time you lose a piece or even a match, you can reset the board with more insight into how your opponent operates. You can start the next game as a more experienced player. You’;; be tougher to defeat.

If you can look at living like learning a game of chess. The setbacks and screw-ups suck a little bit less. Because you remember that your options are to come back better…

Or you can go learn checkers and start over again.

If you’re want support on coming back from a health, nutrition or fitness setback. Let us help.


I’d like to say I came back and won a tournament or impressed that girl. Well…

I didn’t. In fact she even turned me down on Valentines Day that year. BUT, I did turn out to have a really awesome life so far and learn to not give up on things I’m not initially good at. She missed a catch.


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