No-Shave November Wod

No-Shave Novemebr has come to an end and you’re invited to the finale! Come out tomorrow@ 9:30am for a fun time,

  • Where: West Little Rock CrossFit
  • When: Saturday, December 1st, 2018 9:30am
  • What:
  • Pay $10 to vte on your favorite bearderd CrossFitters!
  • The winner pick the wod for the day.
  • The runner-ups partake in a burpee race right before the wod.
    • Burpee Racing is simple.There are 10 burpees for each participant. 6 people= 60 burpees. All participants race through burpees  on 321-go. The firt person to 10 stops at ten. The first person to 20 stops at 20, and so on until the max number is reached.
  • It looks like V’s Barbershop wont be joining in on this one after all, so the boys will get to shape/style their beard to their liking before the vote. *No razors, trimmers are ok.
  • We will do a vote count with paper votes  and any tie will be broken by a “vote by volume”
  • The growers also cast a paper vote for any of their fellow participants. *They did all the work, so of course they get a vote:)


Show up before 9:30 for the fun and the workout after! See you there!


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