On Being Naked and Becoming Strong.

We all want to be strong. But becoming strong is a different story. 

Because putting the drink down is hard. 

Pedaling when you’re out of breath will burn if you don’t pedal often.

Quitting sugar will feel like being sick if you’ve been eating sugar every day.

But that’s not why becoming stronger is hard. 

Becoming stronger is hard because you have to face the fact that you were eating like an a-hole, or that you’ve only been doing workouts you like because they’re easy, or that taking the edge off turned into avoiding problems a long time ago.

Getting out of a comfort zone means putting down the shield and acknowledging you aren’t great, or even good at many things.

In Genesis, Adam hid behind a bush from God, which is a silly thing because surely the creator can see through a bush. God asked Adam why he hid from him.

“Because I’m naked.”

Which is a silly thing because surely the creator can view whatever the hell he damn well pleases, especially if he designed it.

What does naked Adam have to do with becoming strong?

Because to be “naked” is to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is uncomfortable at best and could end in catastrophe at worst.

Showing up on day one can feel a lot like being naked. Running when you feel like you aren’t very fast can feel a lot like being naked. 

Tracking the food you really eat when you say “I eat pretty good” can feel like being naked. 

We have nightmares about showing up to work or school naked.

And we will avoid being “naked” at almost any cost.  

Until we don’t. 

And we’re rewarded with an even bigger carrot than we thought was waiting for us. 

Carrots like staring down the bar alone but hear the girl next to you say, “Hey, you got this.” 


When we show coach our food log, and he goes, “Yeah, you’re a mess… I was too, but you’re doing f-ing amazing so far with these changes.”


When we air a grievance, and it’s not met with shame, but heard and met with empathy. 

With each chance we take in being feeling naked, we give ourselves a chance to become stronger, and with each time we shy away from it, we take that chance off the table. 

Becoming strong is uncomfortable, and you will never be comfortable in doing something that’s uncomfortable. 

So you should find a place, a person, a group, or a state of mind where you can get uncomfortable with things and do it.

Because those carrots are good for you.

How often?

How strong do you want to get?


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