Plane Crash In Reverse

The reasons are more often on us.

Planes don’t often crash due to sudden mechanical failure. It’s the course of many small failures that, over time, added up and overwhelmed the pilot at one pivotal moment.

The only thing that’s going to stop you in your tracks is another breakdown. And a breakdown is a slow process of small things adding up until you feel overwhelmed.

Not prepping breakfast for the week leads to decision fatigue at mealtimes.
Fatigue leads to poor choices and low energy levels.
Low energy levels lead to more coffee or fancier coffees with empty calories in them.
More coffee leads to less sleep.
Your circadian rhythm becomes disrupted, and the risk of depression/anxiety skyrockets.

“Who has time to think about prepping food when I feel this way?”

The way out and the way over is through the small things. Especially when they still feel small.


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