Our 2021 Rates

Dear fam,

Over the last several months, I’ve been proud to introduce changes that will benefit everyone. A new Big Ass Fan is on the way to keep the gym comfortable regardless of where you workout, ROMWOD yoga starts in just a few days. We’re bringing on new staff, and we’ve brought in amazing talent to teach our staff and our new Coaches’ Education course will mean a better experience for everyone!

In our gym, we teach consistency. We aim to get our chins over the bar for every pull-up. We can say your fitness is improving because we test using consistent maxes and baseline workouts. Until this point, we’ve had only one glaring inconsistency, but now we’re remedying that. Now I can proudly say there’s no chance anyone in your group will receive the same excellent service for less money than you pay. This has been a point of embarrassment for me in the past: that two highly-valued members of our community can derive the same fitness–and joy–from a class and pay two different fees.

Effective September 28, all members will be brought to our 2021 rate of $135/mo per 12 visits/mo membership and $160/mo for unlimited membership. We love you all, so we’ll also cease “special case” discounts on that date.

I needed to make this change back in 2020, but I didn’t want to add stress to our people during such an uncertain time. If you believe this places a surprise burden on your budget, you may prepay for up to 2 months in advance at your current rate. This payment is due before September 28.

If you believe that your case warrants a different arrangement from everyone else in the gym, you can email me directly at [email protected].

I’m pumped for our yoga program starting next week!
Following that, we’ll be hanging the fan, finishing the landscaping, and then begin preparing for our biggest community charity event of the year in October, Barbells-4-Boobs!

Thank you for allowing me to be your full-time coach!



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