Picking the Right Fitness Coach (Part 4/4)

  1. Finally, Price.
    1. More specifically, don’t get hung up on the price. I’ve had great trainers work for me, and we didn’t charge much when they were starting. But guess what? They still wowed their clients. They still delivered results hand, over fist. So, don’t let a low rate stop you from contacting a potential match. BUT, Points 1-3 must all line up. If they don’t, you may be deciding based on price alone. If they don’t have points 1-3 and charge a budget price, there’s a reason. Buyer beware.
    2. Premium trainers- Why do some trainers charge more? Their time has become that valuable, plain and simple. We know our clients cannot afford costly mistakes. That leads some trainers to seek out EVERYTHING to help them solve their client’s problems and build their service around solving those problems. That’s what expert coaches and trainers do. This is different from buying a car. We’ll pay more to be seen driving a Lexus when deep down, we know it’s just a Toyota. When we buy time with the expert, we buy speed on solving our problem. We remove turbulence. We’re buying the difference between them and the amateurs. 
    3. Budget and beliefs about money will affect our choice to hire someone. My only advice here is to look at where your current behaviors and beliefs have brought you and ask, “Is this where I want to keep going?”

My first business coach cost $5000 to talk to. At the time, I believed that was an insane investment I couldn’t afford. However, I wanted to get from “here” to “there,” and points 1-3 aligned when I researched him and his clients. 

I accepted that I had to change what I was doing, so I got a credit card (don’t do that) and bought time with him. I won’t tell you the amount I turned that $5000 into with his coaching, but it’s been an insane return on investment. Plus, I’ve traveled the world, teaching people about training and the business I built. I’ve hired employed full-time coaches away from jobs they didn’t like and showed them how to make an impact and a living doing something they love. I needed to bypass the hyped-up Instagram coaches and amateur mentors to make it happen.

Sometimes the new trainer can work out great for you. Sometimes, you know you need an expert. Use points 1-3 to decide.

*You know you’re reading this from a laptop if you have an Android phone.

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