Post Open Syndrome


Many CrossFitters suffer from POS disorder. West Little Rock Crossfit has the solution to cure your ailments.

You’ve spent the last five weeks waiting for the workout to post and competing with your friends. You have never felt stronger, faster, or in better shape. But why lose this momentum now?

Let your competitive spirit live on.

There are a variety of CrossFit competitions in the North Central Region (Arkansas). These competitions are a way for you to continue challenging yourself, and to dig deeper into the CrossFit community. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of competition. You have been technically competing for the last five weeks. You’re a natural and you’ve grown so much from this experience this far. You are a competitor. You’ve been doing it this last five weeks!

Where do we start?

Find a local competition! There is no time like the present. Ask your box owner when and where there are local competitions. Often boxes will host competitions that are open to other boxes.


The American Affiliate Cup

The American Affiliate Cup is coming up this April! It is an excellent opportunity to keep your competition body in shape. What is it? The American Affiliate Cup is a team event where you can sign up to represent your favorite charity or cause. The registered teams are not only competing for their own glory. But the top 3 spots are also competing for their favorite cause.

The prize purse is matched and donated to the charity of the top 3 placing teams. There is over $2,000 in prize money to be distributed to placing teams and their chosen charities this year!


The event details are below:

Date and Event Location:

April 23rd, 2016 9:00am-2:00pm

University of Arkansas at Little Rock / Donaghey Student/Athletic Center

2801 S University Ave

Little Rock, Arkansas

Click the link above to get involved and keep your momentum going!


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