Reason Eight (of Twelve) Why You Can’t Stay In Shape. You Suck At Planning

You plan worse than Ikea writes instructions. 

It’s a boring topic, but I’ll try to make this interesting. 

I want to play a game. 

The name of the game is; “If you choose a target and map your way to it, you can have it.”

There are only two rules. 

  1. You must clearly define your target with an objective measure and end date. Having abs is objective, so is being off meds, dropping 10 lbs, or doing a pull-up. (strict first, because shoulder health)
  2. You must map it out. Here’s how to do it.

Start with your target. 

“I want to be 15 lbs lighter and have at least ONE VISIBLE AB by March 31st, 2021.” (assuming you survive 2020)

Now, make it attainable.

What does “you with said ab” on 3/31/2021 do in a week that is totally different from what you do now? Because what brought you here will not take you there.

  • Does she eat out 2x week or “whenever she feels like it?”
  • Does she workout out hard five days each week, regardless of where or what it is? Or does she allow work, friends, etc, to take priority?
  • What does she eat?
  • When does she wake up?
  • What is it about this person’s daily and weekly routine that makes her what she is?
  • Write that list out in great detail. You should have at least ten things.

Map it.

Take a piece of paper and draw a horizontal line connecting two points. Write “Goal” over one point and “now” over the other. Put your list of what makes future you so awesome next to the “goal” point.

Can you do all of that this week? Of course not. So, cut the line in half. What habits do you think you can adopt by the halfway point? Write that down over the halfway point. 

Can you do that this week? Of course not, cut the space between now and the halfway point in half again. Write the things you can adopt by then above that point. 

Keep doing this until you reach this week. You should have 1-2 things you can and know you could master this week.

You’ll have an objective target, a plan, a timeline, and what you can start this week. 

New to this? Start with a mini-plan. Make it four weeks and keep it attainable but compelling enough to work for. It’s a sprint! 

Anyone who can run 10 ft now can run 20 ft the next time and then 40 ft, then the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.


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