Reason Seven (of Twelve) You Can’t Stay In Shape – Food.

You didn’t get your food in order.

The fix for food is simple, unsexy, and really effective.

Don’t focus on food. You focus on you.

All of the macronutrient ratios, keto, and paleo plans won’t work if you don’t acknowledge the most important element of all dietary approaches out there, the person using them.

For the same reason, the gun size doesn’t mean diddly compared to the experience of the woman who’s holding it. A basketball is worth basically nothing if you hand it to me, but it’s worth big $$ if you give it to someone who can dunk and win championships with it.

So, how do you make your dietary approach worth something? There’s plenty of places you could start, but I’ll give you the most powerful one I know.

Start with habits.

You’d be amazed how many of us want to cut sugar out of our diet entirely but have never made it a whole week eating a *whole-foods-based breakfast and drinking 60o+ oz of water daily. The funny thing people don’t realize is that the habit pays off more because you can do it forever, and it leaves room for flexibility, exploration in food, and finding what you like. Can you nail down 1-2 habits each week? Keep adding habits after you master the previous week’s habits.

Habits (in ascending order) you could start with:

  • Eat a real breakfast each day without processed foods.
  • Drink 1/2 your weight in oz of water daily.
  • Prep 5-10 meals of literally anything this week.
  • Prep 5-10 meals of something a little better than literally anything.
  • Cut back 50% of liquid calories this week. (explore new flavorful options) *I used to drink vanilla lattes. Right now, I’m drinking cold brew with cinnamon almond milk foam (40 cal and delicious)
  • Read ten pages of a food-related book like Food Rules by Micheal Pollan.
  • Order salad with protein when dining out this week. 
  • Track your food in an app like Myfitnesspal this week. 
  • Land within (+/-) 200cal of your calorie goal determined in Myfitnesspal
  • Use Myfitnesspal to find processed sugar in your food and remove sugar for one week. (replace with similar-tasting options)

*I mean non-processed foods, not the store where you can barter your first-born for chickpeas.

Remember, focus on your consistency in mastering only one or two habits each week. You can do it. 

The Question is WILL YOU DO IT? 

A lot of us have tried in the past and haven’t been able to, so you have to try something different. Accountability is key; here’s how to add it.

We’re starting our 30-day Coaching Challenge on November 7th. If you’ve struggled with your food. It’s by far my #1 recommendation. 

  • You have access to my nutrition coaches and me.
  • You learn exactly what you need to know, now each week.
  • You have contact with your coach every day.
  • You move at a pace where you won’t get left behind.
  • You have the power of a cohort.
  • You won’t eat the same after four weeks.

The Best part? You can do it from anywhere. We just had signups from Arkansas and Texas this week.

We have 12 spots left as of this morning.

30-day Coaching Challenge 


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