Reject the Pack Mentality

Warren Buffett once said;

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

Warren was pretty much saying that times and conditions in life will change. Our habits and behaviors that develop who we are as a person will determine whether we will be standing tall when we are out of our element, or bent over with our heads in the sand.

We all have been caught off guard before or had life throw us a curve-ball.  Sometimes its the loss of a job, or a person we cared for. It can be as simple as catching a cold and feeling like hell for a week. If you live your life and make decisions at the top of your game, you won’t be as affected by your surroundings changing.

Spruce up your routine. A daily routine is more important than just wake up, workout, work, sleep, repeat.  Make sure your routine is current with your needs and easily done. Keep it fun by refreshing it with a new recipe or an early morning run if you normally workout in the evening.

Analyze. Examine your  patterns to determine if you should adjust your time management  to reduce stress and boost how much you get done in a day.

Who’s in control? Is it you, or is your life running you? Get in control by holding yourself accountable for your objectives. Set goals to evaluate your progress and see if you are zeroing in on what you want to accomplish.

Let go of solo. Don’t think you are the only person who can do it all. Trust your circle of family and friends. Professionals help out in more ways than one. Many CrossFitters find that building a workout and meal plan is a great way to stay on top of their game, Planning it with their local affiliate can be much easier than doing it alone. Make your overall success  more important than individual achievement.

Embrace change. Make the acceptance of change part of your philosophy. Don’t let the people around you become change critics or rub off  their change-resistance on you. Make change the fabric of your fitness vision.

The world is constantly changing and adapting, are you on board?









Jeff Jucha



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