Sharpening the Axe for 2018

A seasoned woodsman was asked “If you have 5 minutes to cut down the largest tree in the forest, how would you do it?
He replied, ” I’d spend the first 2 and 1/2 minutes sharpening my ax.”

Smart planning matters.

When was the last time you failed at something that really mattered to you? If you’re thinking of something recent or hoping it won’t be your new year’s resolution, consider the process you put in place to be successful. What was the process? What are the action steps in it? Did you write it down?  Who is keeping you accountable for progress and updating your approach as your life and surroundings change?

We operate in one of the most unique ways that a gym can. While we believe CrossFit is the most effective approach to solve the western health issue. It’s just one of the many tools we have at our disposal. We use it along with nutrition mentoring, personal training, skill sessions, RX+ programming and lifestyle challenges to help individuals achieve what matters to them

But all of those programs were not put in place because of a “why not?” mentality. They were born out of necessity and forged within out RPM method of helping people. RPM stands for:

Results- Clearly define what you want to happen. Is it weight-loss? What about living longer? Do you want to join us in local and regional competitions? OR just have better fitness and fit into that dress from 3 years ago?

Whether you’re a complete newbie or seasoned athlete to our gym, The 1st step is to sit down and go through a series of collaborative prompts to discover what matters to you. We call it the No-Sweat Intro What results are you really wanting by trusting us with your fitness?

Purpose- Why are these results a thing for you? What will be different about life (or amplified about your life) by achieving it? Are you really here for your kids and spouse? Will you be more confident? Will you have a new group of close friends with similar interests as you, after just moving here?

Mapping. We know where you are, we know where you want to be and why. Now, Your coach back-builds a plan to get you there. Newcomers get to learn our foundation’s course, receive 1v1 attention and nutrition counseling in their first month. Some people will stick with personal training. Others may just start with nutrition only. Achieving better health and fitness does not always mean starting with CrossFit Class. If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, we may recommend our RX+ program.

After we learn the results you’re after and your purpose for pursuing them and mapped out a course of action. We give you a professional recommendation and action steps to begin making changes that you weren’t seeing before you met us. We’ll follow up with a goal review chat in 3 months to make sure the approach is working, and adjust as needed.

We start by sharpening the axe. Then we make precision cuts and sharpen the axe as we go. Is your New Year’s Resolution just a resolution? or have you sharpened your axe?


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