Successful People Suck. (A Poop Story)

Successful people suck.

Because they, too, are terrible at way more stuff than they are good at.

I can’t tell you where the extra paper towels are in my house. I’ve lived there for almost a year, and today when my dog took a big ole dookie on the floor, I. Could. Not. Find. The G-damn. Extra Paper Towels.

I planned my attack by spraying Febreze Ultra-Strength to buy me time to search for the elusive linens.

After ten minutes of looking around with my shirt over my nose, I discovered a secret compartment in the pantry, cleverly disguised as a normal shelf at eye level.

Day saved and olfactory senses emboldened, I reflected that I have multiple businesses, homes, and employees, yet my most immediate panic-inducing threat is a dog shitting in the house.

We can’t be a King or Queen at everything.

Speaking of Kings,

I was at a convention last week. The Liver King was there, A member of the Australian Parliament was there, and a few hundred multi-millionaires were there (many of whom are 1st generation).

They suck at things. So they hire coaches, attend conventions to get better, receive feedback about their blindspots, and face their weaknesses to build them up a little more every time they attend.

Their (and my own) obscure coach, Tony Robbins, led the convention. We all got better; we all faced where we had holes in our game. Liver King yelled louder than I could, but I think I walked slower over hot coals than he did.

It was a humbling week of people getting real, laying their guard down, and accepting that our journeys wouldn’t start five feet from the finish line, no matter how good we are in some areas of life.

How do you get better in the areas you need help? You ask for help.

If you find yourself coming back to an area that needs improvement, ask for help. Get a coach.

“Sucking at something is the first step to getting kinda good at something.”
-Jake The Dog.

The right strategy can save you ten years, thousands of dollars, and even your life.

That strategy is rarely about numbers as much as about mindset and accountability.

Want help?
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