Warning: Intense.

If you looked back on this post a month from now, would you be glad you took it to heart? OR would you once again say, “Yeah, I could have done something but didn’t?”

“It’s got to stop.” Our tip-toeing. Around the divorce, demanding the promotion, committing to the body we want, and living the life we deserve.

“It’s got to stop,” and one day it will. Whether it’s ourselves or life stomping on the brakes is up to us today.

Would you call yourself a good “self-starter?”

Yeah? Good.

That’s the opposite of a finisher. 

Any one of us can start something. We can even have the best intentions and apply effort towards it, but getting something DONE takes a different set of skills. 

You can’t just learn take-off if you want to land the plane. 

What are those skills? They’re emotional.

In sales, we have a person called a closer. His only job is to take sales negotiations that have already started and get them across the finish line. He’s a master of emotion. Why is he so good? Because he knows he can’t logic you into closing a sale. Emotion is the great mover. 

What will make you act courageously in a moment of fear? Emotion.

What will cause a parent to sacrifice for a child? Emotion. 

What starts wars? Emotion.

What will make you draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE? 


Make you say HELL YES? 


If you’re “stuck” in a place you dont want to be with your body, the way out is simple math. It’s been put in front of you for years.

Eat a high-protein diet.

Drink lots of water.

Track your food once in a while.

Exercise in a way you enjoy.

However, walking that path can FEEL overwhelming, complicated, and full of resistance, almost like our old life is physically pulling us back down as we’re trying to climb.

The key is to overcome this resistance.

When the way out is in front of you, you only have to break through your old pattern of living. How will you do it? In the same way that closer got you to break your limiting beliefs about owning a Ferrari.


So, if you want to break through an old pattern in less than fifteen minutes, follow along. If not, then that’s fine, Mr. My-Life-Is-Perfect-Pants. The rest of us will keep it real.

For full effect: We’re going to play a game. But how you play is how you show up in life. 

  • Each time you see a question mark, (?) you must answer it out loud, even if it’s under your breath (but louder is better). 
  • For the five-minute writing, you must type or write it. We speak socially-accepted white lies almost daily, but our body language tells the truth. This is why I write, people!

Your hand shows you who you are. Your mouth will lie, even to you. Hold nothing back.

1) Write, or text a friend, or type into your notes: 

What does life on my terms look like? My body, my energy, my relationships, how much do I smile and make others laugh each day? 

Set a five-minute timer on your phone; don’t stop writing. Go.

2) Now, write, or text a friend, or type into your notes: 

What does my life look like right now? Same categories. Do not lie to yourself. Make it true, even if it’s brutal. Many of us think we’re being stoic, but we’re just hiding. We need honesty. The more brutal, the better.

Set a five-minute timer on your phone; don’t stop writing. Go.

3) Now, write, or text a friend, or type into your notes: 

What are you so sick of in your current life, and why must it change?

Are you sick of feeling depressed? Are you sick of never knowing what you were truly capable of? Are you sick of holding onto resentment because you have to feel “right” about something you or someone else said?

(Tip: play some angry music like Norma Jean, or older Slipknot while you do this.) Set a five-minute timer on your phone; don’t stop writing. Go.

Look at your last list. Answer each (?) out loud.

Is it worth your friendships?

Is it worth displaying as an example to your kids?

Is it worth your physical or financial freedom?

Is it worth your relationship?


Is it worth all the smiles you could have had, but won’t?

What have you lost already?

Who has been hurt by you living in this old pattern?


What does it feel like to have hurt them?

What will you lose if you don’t change? 

Who will be hurt if you don’t change? 

What will never happen if you dont change? 

Answer each (?) silently.

What does the weight of all of this feel like in your body? 

Sit with it. Lay down if you must, because it’s too heavy. Feel it.

If you had to make the sound of what all this weight feels like, what would it be?


(Read as if I were yelling it to you)

Lie, and tell yourself you can’t change.

Blame your parents, your culture, or anything that gave you this old pattern and belief that this is the future waiting for you.

Lie and tell yourself You. Can’t. Change.

Answer each (?) loudly.

Is this your future?

Is this your unavoidable future?

But you can’t change, right?


Who determines your future?

Who decides your life?

But you can’t change, right?


Who owns your voice? 

Your past, your culture, your conditioning? 


Who owns your voice?

Who owns your future?

Can anything stand in your way?

Can any past event determine your future?

Can anything stand in the way of this version of you?

Stand up, and make a posture that makes you feel great. Pull your shoulders back, flex your biceps, do a flip, whatever reminds you that today is the only day promised, and you’re on some powerful type of shit on this particular day.

Take a deep breath in.

What is the first thing this version of you does to make an impact on your life?

Some Examples:

-Call your friend or parent and tell them you value them more than you value who feels “right/wrong.”

-Uber eats a healthy lunch to your workplace today for you and maybe the team. The environment will not stop for your goals, you can be the change you need in your environment.

-Book a week of workouts in your calendar. Don’t accept meetings during that time.

-Sign up with a trainer or coach today. (I’m biased towards you’re local CrossFit or personal trainers). Message me if you want a recommendation for your town.

-Tell your friend or spouse that you are (insert one-week goal) and not giving up until you’ve done it. -You can message me for help with week two or even week one.

This feeling will fade. You will want a daily practice for five to fifteen minutes to stay awake in this state. Message me for tactics that work.

Your new life will cost you your old life. 

Or at least some of the old patterns you’ve been running on. 

You can always save this post and revisit it for a kick in dat ass.

Have fun.


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