The Sure-Fire Recipe for Fitness Success

There’s a sure-fire recipe for delicious chocolate chip cookies. There is, in fact, a magic formula. You can get it from a lot of different cookie-dough makers, and cookbooks, but it’s basically the same formula with a different name.

For fitness, not so much. There isn’t one secret, one process, one solution. Instead, there are a thousand or maybe 8 billion, which is how many people are in the world (so far).

We know that there is a formula for fitness, but the application of it varies depending on the person.

Some people do better with accountability coaching and nutrition guidance. Some people do better with free-weights and cardio. Others do well in classes led by a coach.

It’s not a jigsaw puzzle, it’s a strand of DNA, easily rearranged and often made more effective by doing so.

But I guarantee you it’s not at a gym where they serve pizza and tootsie rolls.


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