How CEOs Use Exercise to Increase Performance

If you were to list the habits that a successful CEO has, you may think of scheduling, organization, or communicating, but you might not think of exercise.

People often think CEOs are only mentally fit. But the research is in, and it shows otherwise. Most successful CEOs intentionally make exercise part of their routine.


Exercise creates new pathways and neurons in the brain that are related to learning and memory. Consistent exercise also improves mood and reduces stress. That builds greatly enhanced leadership performance.

But, exercise is good for everyone, right?

CEOs aren’t the only ones who see the benefits. People at all levels from an intern, to administrative, to leadership in an organization should include exercise as a means to reach higher performance. The high performers stand out in that they make routine exercise a habit, while those who under-perform generate reasons that excuse them from working out.

Data shows that high performers are more positive and cheerful than their peers. Even though their personal and professional lives may not be better than others, they are better equipped to maintain a positive outlook and avoid getting sucked into negative thinking.

Mental energy is generated in environments where there is more positivity and physical energy. With more mental energy, high performers can be more effective. Whether it’s leading a healthier life, a loving family, a team of peers, or an entire company.


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