The Cake

“If you want to know how to work with new or limited resources, find a population that’s used to not having many alternatives.”

-Seth Godin

It isn’t a mystery why gyms like LA Fitness and Equinox had trouble delivering fitness during COVID. Large buildings, lots of tightly-packed equipment, non-guided access, and thousands of members per location is in their blood.

CrossFit Gyms and remote coaches had none of that to work with. Small spaces, essential equipment, low levels of clients, high levels of coaching, connection, and results are the recipe. We didn’t even have to keep our gym open to deliver the cake our recipe makes.

My client Rachael is a cake. She’s been quarantined for nearly two months and only training at home via online coaching. She took three minutes off of her 5k and has improved in every benchmark I’ve given her. She’s made a complete change and has these hella good abs I’m jealous of, too.

Nothing fancy is in her training. Just me keeping her accountable to do fun workouts regularly, and get enough water and sunlight. Because, you know, we’re like plants, just with more complicated emotions.

What kind of cake have you been baking? 

Is it what you want? 

If not, it’s in your ingredients.

Check the recipe. No one gets to pull a chocolate cake out of the oven, and say “what the hell is this?! I wanted vanilla.”


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