Give It Arches

If Sysiphus got a rock, I got buckets of water. 

We used to carry water away from a stream in buckets, use the water, then need to return to re-fill the bucket. Like Sysiphus, we used our energy and time to repeat a task that would never end, until we applied our energy to build aqueducts. Then we gained freedom from the water bucket.

“Aqueduct-thinking,” which, I just coined, shows a path out. How can I support the outcome that I want to repeat without fatiguing? 

Build a structure to support it, give it arches.

If it’s getting consistent in a workout routine, give it support by having five days of workout clothes set out each Sunday, then get a friend on-board and schedule what days you’ll both go workout. 

To write, I make sure my coffee setup and laptop are ready when I go to bed, so I when I wake up at 5:45 am the next morning, It’s ready. I want better posture, so I removed the desk chair from my office. I have a walking desk and a bolster to sit on and work. 

This is asking the water to go where you want it to. Instead of forcing a task to happen over and over, it’s building a support structure to allow it to flow more easily or at least consistently. 


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