The Most Uncomfortable Thing For Coaches

New Coach-in-training. “What’s the biggest problem you see with new coaches?”

Me. It’s their idea of what a coach should be. Some think authority means they need to be drill sergeants, but in reality, they need to have kind, empowering authority. You do that by earning trust. 

Some are shy and get nervous because they think, “I’m not a coach! I don’t deserve to be out here.” I can understand that. But I’m the one learning from them. I guarantee I’ll pick up two or more good things from watching a brand-new coach. They lock up because they’re thinking about what a coach should be. 

I’ve taught hundreds of coaches. 

So, my best advice for all coaches is to ask a coach you admire to watch you and give you feedback. It’s the most uncomfortable thing you can do. It’s how we start each new trainee at my gym.


The worst that can happen is I teach you. 

The best that can happen is I teach you. 

When you focus on being seen how you think you should be seen, you cut yourself off from the learning. 

Your presence is the greatest gift you can give yourself and everyone on the floor. 

Be a beginner. 

Be a sponge and soak up the lessons your mentors can teach you. 

Be open to being changed. 

And you’ll be unstoppable.


So, You’re Stuck.

I’ve listened to a few thousand people bullsh*t me about their “goals.” (more on that tomorrow) Me: Why do you want to do this program?

Warning: Intense.

If you looked back on this post a month from now, would you be glad you took it to heart? OR would you once again


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