Unrelenting Belief

The reason we can’t lose weight is the same reason we stay unhappy. 

Bold statement, I know. But listen. 

Suppose you google what it takes to start and run a business in America. You’ll see that you need a business plan, startup capital, marketing, attorneys, accountants, and strategies that would confuse even the best chess player. 

I, on the other hand, will say you need one thing. 

“You must have an unrelenting belief that you can figure out whatever comes at you.”

That’s it!

 Everything else is just details. But if you don’t believe that you can figure those details out, you’re fucked. 

Think I’m oversimplifying it? Let’s do a lightning round!

“Three giant businesses that my little gym has outlasted.”

-A short essay by a non-conceited guy.

Quibi was founded and led by a group of experienced executives. They raised a staggering $1.75 billion. They lasted six months.

I started with a friend’s credit card in case we couldn’t afford barbells. I’ve lasted 11+ Years, Most of which have been great fun and lucrative.

Quirky, a platform for creators and artists, had a strategic partnership with GE, and was featured on CNN often. They burned through funds by introducing too many different products too soon. They were gone in three years.

I have one marketing strategy that I learned from my friends, John, Mateo, and Kaleda. I still get emails and phone calls where I help people for free. Sometimes they buy training with my coaches. But I don’t need all of them to buy training.

Finally, ScaleFactor was an accounting and finance software platform. It had the backing of $100 million from different investors, but the product was terrible. 

I only have three versions of the same great product. My rule is: “If it doesn’t help people, we don’t do it.”

I can’t say these companies lacked belief in themselves. I can only give you outrageous examples of the things I didn’t have, but I still overcame them because I believed everything was “figure-outable.”

We rarely need more resources. What many of us need is resourcefulness!

So, If you’ve been on a hamster wheel with your weight loss, here is my challenge to you: Do this for ONE week, tell yourself every morning and throughout the day as often as possible, “I can figure this out.” Extra credit, set a reminder every hour from 9-5 to tell you “you can figure anything out.”

Too silly for you? Maybe you’re not ready, then. 

I’ve done it. I tripled my business and reached 11% body fat while healing a severe neck/shoulder injury and battling crippling depression. Now, I’m doing it again! Why do you think I’m so good at it? 🙂 

Just one week. Try it.

Because after seven days of reminding yourself that you can figure it out, do you think you’ll start believing in your resourcefulness? 

You won’t magically be a new person. But you will notice opportunities you’ve been missing. 

Because your mind is a muscle, you’ve got to condition that thing!

Condition it with possibility, opportunity, positivity, and the belief that you’re weight cannot outsmart you. 

If you do this, you’ll begin thinking differently, and you can’t get out of a problem with the same thinking that got you into the problem.  

You’ll begin acting differently, and that creates momentum. 

With enough self-reminding, your brain will begin to default to resourcefulness instead of a lack. 

And watch your stuff start changing again. 

Have fun,


P.S. I’d love to know if you do this. I’ll be annoying everyone with my reminders this week. 


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