I Feel Like Doo-Doo

“I feel like a beached whale.”

My internal dialogue during a workout after a month off.

I took a month to run four times per week and not do any CrossFit workouts.

I got better at running, but I also gained weight and watched my muscles shrink a little.

I got comfortable. Distance running was simple and didn’t require me to push the intensity or eat well to do the work. I dug it. I was never sore and never had to bend over and gasp for air.

My first day back at Crossfit was pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and running.

I felt like doo-doo.

Not because Crossfit is hard but because I reverted to a life of being soft for a month.

Intensity is challenging in the moment. Nutrition discipline is annoying but worth it because both make you feel good.

Nothing, to my knowledge, has the vitality and confidence-boosting effects that feeling great about your body does. My unpopular truth: chips and queso, margaritas, and loafing around the house do not feel good.

But they can mask how bad we already feel, and they can be indulged in WAY too easily. They make us feel worse when we have to accomplish something that demands a feat we once could do when we did things that made us feel good.

So during my first workout back at CrossFit, the phrase “It feels good to feel good.” popped in my head.

I typed it into my notepad app.

And here we are.

Do with it what you please, reader.

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