The Name of the Game Isn’t “Workout”

The name of the game isn’t workout.⁠

COVID showed us that none of us needed a gym. We have never needed a gym. ⁠

What we needed was a reason to do things we don’t do on our own. ⁠
✅ A big “why” that keeps us up at night.⁠
✅ A group of people that make working out fun.⁠
✅ A coach to hold us accountable and on track.⁠

We can’t eat or exercise our way into the life that we want unless we change our thinking along the way. ⁠

In my most recent client interview with Christy, she said, “I got the point where I think: this is it! Today is the day!”⁠

“And then what happens?” I asked her.⁠

Christy: “Nothing”⁠

Me: “What if the next step was that you already had booked an appointment for you to meet me for a fun workout and some good conversation?⁠

AND you’ll make some real progress each time you come in.⁠

AND you’ll feel better each time you leave.⁠

AND…you’ll look forward to doing it.⁠

What do you have installed that makes you want to workout?⁠


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