This Post is About You

Big Pharma isn’t trying to trick you out of health and into perpetual sickness. 

Supplement sellers aren’t out to confuse you. 

They make a product, and that product fills a need.

What that product doesn’t do is prioritize the building of a life filled with health, self-respect, and fulfillment. 

Big Pharma is keeping its promise to deliver products. Not create a world where they aren’t needed.

We build that world, one person at a time. 

One meal at a time.

One hike at a time.

One decision at a time.

We probably won’t live to see that world completed. BUT, there is very good evidence from epigenetics that if you eat vegetables most days and find any way to exercise 3-5 times each week, your grandchildren will not suffer like you. The genes you express in this lifetime will pass to them, AND the hard work you put into being healthy will live in the synapses of their nervous systems. 

Maybe you cannot save this world. But you could save one in the future. 

I’ve heard that one lifetime isn’t enough to heal all the hurts we acquire. If so, maybe we can redeem the future for our little ones and spare them some of those hurts from the beginning.

It will be a fun trick we played on them. They’ll never know it was us. 

Wouldn’t that be a fun way to leave the world better?

I’m doing it for my grandson, Maximus. 

I have yet to pick a middle name. I’m thinking “Gluteus.”



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