This Year

Was this year not your best?

Did you slip on some commitments? 

Stagnate on something you swore progress on? 

Maybe some shit happened. Perhaps not just some routine-shifting, budget-changing shit, but some REAL, LIFE-CHANGING, RATCHET SHIT happened.

I get that.

I bet you can tell me why this last year wasn’t great. 

But, I’ll double down that you can’t tell me what would have made this year your best, despite all that shit.

I’m not belittling your struggles or the things out of your control. But I am asking if you thought hard about what you can do to show up in your own life, regardless of what happens “out there.” 

See, I don’t mean “make the best year.”

I mean, were you “at your best this year?”

Will the market still crash? Yes.

Will wars still be waged? Yes.

Will you start with great energy and fall off track? Yes.

Will you experience imposter syndrome a thousand more times? Absolutely.

But there will still be people who will succeed anyway. 

There will still be those who light up a room after having some ratchet shit happen to them just days or hours beforehand. 

There will still be a year waiting for you to hold your hand out, take what life puts in it, and mold that into something worthwhile.  

So here’s what I’m asking you to do.

Put the phone down and write as fast as possible: What will I do for myself to make this year my best?” You write that shit out faster than chubby, 12-year-old Jeff chasing after the ice cream truck that has already passed. #truffleshuffle.

Can you do it? There must be at least five things you’re willing to do for yourself that will make you proud one year from now because guess what? I’m going to re-send you this email in one year. Then what?

Not sure what to write? Try starting with the things from this year that you can start changing.

I’ll tell you what to do with your list in my next letter to you. 

Get Ratchet.



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