Thursday, January 2nd

Main – WOD

Prepare For Squats! (No Measure)

15 Minutes Working on Squat Mobility:

Walking Knees to Chest
Walking Butt Kicks
Frankenstein Walks
Duck Walks
1 Minute Goblet Squat Hold with KB
1 Minute Couch Stretch with each Leg
1 Minute PVC Pipe Roll Out On Both Your Quads and Your IT Band.

Back Squat

20 minutes to work up to a heavy back squat. You will then perform 1 set of max reps with the established weight. Your 1-RM will then be calculated based on the weight and total reps that you completed.

3 Sets Max Pull-ups

Perform 3 sets of max pull-ups

*1 minute rest between each round
Score will be the total number of pull-ups accumulated for all 3 sets

3 Sets Max Hand-Release Push-Ups

3 sets to accumulate as many HRPU as possible. No longer than 2 seconds of rest at the bottom of the push-up. You can rest as long as necessary at the top of the push-up.
Score will be the total number of push-ups accumulated over 3 sets


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