Thursday, October 17th

Main – WOD

Jumping Muscle-Ups (5 x 3 )

Spend 15 minutes practicing bar muscle-ups from box and/or using band for assistance (facing away from the wall).

Yo-Yo (Time)

1 box push trip = down and back 1 time (so 2 trips = 4 lengths on the turf, 3 = 6, etc..)

There will be 2 heats for this WOD with one heat judging the other and serving as the weight for the box pushes. Make sure to pair up with someone close to your own body weight if possible.
21 PJ @ 95/65
21 Pull-ups
3 Box push trips on turf with judge on box
15 PJ
15 Pull-ups
2 Box push trips
9 PJ
9 Pull-ups
1 Box push trip


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