We’re great at searching for answers because we suck at accepting them.

There are few secrets left when it comes to unlocking your body to give you your best health. “Fitness in 100 words” has already answered the most vexing question in the fitness world.

Want to lose weight, or look and feel your best? Want to do it for a long time? It’s been answered for you.

But the problem is we’re idiots.

We don’t want a black & white answer.

We think “If that’s what it takes, I’ll find something else that will get me what I want on my terms.”

And that statement encapsulates our derp-ness, because it always was on our terms. You can make that “fitness in 100 words” work for you however you like.

You can eat your veggies cooked or raw. You can do your workouts in your living room, a gym, or at spin class. “Little starch, no sugar” is relative and up to you. Maybe you eat out once a week, or you grab drinks with friends on Wednesdays and Saturdays. “Keep intake to levels that sustain exercise and not body fat” is fluid too. You can eat a little more and workout or bike to work a little more. Or maybe you would rather eat a little less and not have to do any extra activity.

Fitness is solved. It’s 100 words, or maybe even less for simplicity.

“Fitness in 53 words” is almost twice as simple and shows off my biceps.

Eat enough unprocessed foods to fuel your life but not your fat. Work out enough to be effective on a regular basis. Practice things you’re not good at along with things you enjoy. Don’t take yourself too seriously.” Not sure how to make it work for you? That’s ok, it’s not a Model T.

Reach out to us and we can help you paint this car whatever color you want.


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