How “What if” Can Change Your Future

“What if” questions are my favorite questions.

They take the current reality which we base our questions on – and frame or distort it in a way so you can ask and answer questions you normally wouldn’t. Answering those questions can have a powerful impact on your reality from here, going forward. If action is taken, you can change your future with “what if” questions.

An example:

What if you swapped the phrase “I need to” with “I deserve to”?

What if you traded the phrases:
I need to lose weight.
I have to eat better.
I ought to get off energy drinks.
…With I deserve to?
I deserve to be at a healthy weight.
I deserve to put good food in my body.
I deserve to be free from relying on questionable stimulants.

Would you pursue those actions with a different intensity and gratitude?

What if your entire mindset shifted from of doing things because you thought you had to into, doing things because you get to.

Would your future be different?



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