When No One Showed You How To Fail

“The best way to score a lot of goals is to miss a lot of them.” 

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 799 official goals in soccer. Have you ever wondered how many he’s missed? I have.

Christiano has missed 20% of penalty shots he took in his MLS career. He is barely above a C+ student when it comes to taking penalty shots, yet, he’s one of the most well-known soccer players in history. Christiano had to miss a lot of goals and be coached on how to kick the next one better until he became a historical figure. And even now, he still misses.

The key to having a good weigh-in is to go through a few bad weigh-ins and adjust your approach after each one until you get a good one. “Failure” is feedback and should be read like a street sign that says, “you’re closer than you were.”  

Take your shots. Miss a few, then edit the following approach until you’re making more than you miss.

The err is human. To edit is divine. 

Success is to repeat, time after time.

Have a great week.



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