We Are Not A Ferrari

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WLRCF is not a Ferrari.

I want you to remember those words when you look at gyms. 

The place touting itself as the “best” or “premier” anything is trying to look like a Ferarri in a parking lot of Toyota Camrys. But the problem is that we’re comparing gyms like we compare cars. Instead, we should be comparing solutions to our problems based on how they fit us. Investing in a gym or a coach shouldn’t go down in value after you leave the lot. It should go up. 

You’re not looking for a car. You’re looking for a solution, the most effective and efficient way to go from point A to point B. And every car will go from point A to point B. What matters is if you have enough of the right gas to get there.

More space does not equal better health. New equipment does not mean a new you or even a slightly newer healthy mindset, and no “new client special” will call you to plan out healthy habits while you travel next week or spend the next three months at home with a newborn. 

There is no best car out there. There is only the right car that fits you, and you should choose that way. Or else, you run the risk of leaving the lot with a beautiful new vehicle, and as it putters to a halt, you realize, “Uh-no, I forgot about the gas.”

So, you should be picky. You should wonder what’s going in your tank. You should ask; “Are you right for me? For my situation? For what I’m trying to accomplish?” They (the gym) should be asking those things too.

Gyms are buildings with equipment. I’ve got one. It’s very useful to help my clients get in shape. But without me asking questions, learning struggles, providing solutions, and holding my clients accountable to those solutions, the gym is just a building with equipment. 

It’s just a car with no gas. 

You should remember those words when you look for a gym to join. 

“We are not a Ferrari. We are Exxon.”


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