You Ain’t Special.

Overwhelmed some changes you need to make? 

Same, fam, You ain’t special.

But really, when I get overwhelmed looking at an outcome I want to create, I remind myself that I don’t have to create that outcome at all. I only have to do a few things to turn my current momentum toward it, so I will eventually be there.

If you’re driving in your car and decide to move to a beach in Mexico, you don’t have to buy a beach house there today. You have to point your car south, and you’ll figure out the rest. 

That’s over-simplified, but it’s held true over my life. Resourcefulness overcomes a lack of resources you may think you suffer from.

How to take advantage of this principle? Easy. 

Turn your outcome goals into action goals. 

Instead of 

Outcome-based goal:

“lose five pounds this month.”

Do this instead:

Action-based goal:

“Work out or walk for 30 minutes and eat no more than 2000 calories each day.”

One goal relieves you of falling short of an outcome and provides you with actual steps to take that will produce the outcome, even if you mess up once in a while (which you will. Welcome to “Human-ing”)

While we’re on it, the outcome-based goal isn’t a goal at all. It’s a vision. The action-based goal is how you get there. 

Remember, big things happen a little at a time. Oak trees only grow 2 feet per year, but in 5 years, they’re 10 feet closer to their goal if they don’t give up on the whole “being an Oak-tree” thing and try keto instead.

Have fun!


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