Your Hero Has Failed

I Want to Play a Game

You’re in a group of your best friends, and you have 1 hour on the clock.

You can only talk about times you’ve failed. 

What do you say?


You’re in a group of your total strangers.

You can only talk about times you’ve failed. 

What do you say?


You probably say different things in each group, but what does everyone in both groups have in common?

Everyone has failed.

-Your best friends and strangers on the street.

-Your mentors.

-Your parents.

-For lack of a better term, “normal people.”

But more importantly, your heroes.

And that’s exactly what has made them someone to look up to.

Heroes don’t save the day when it’s going just fine. Things need to be really fucked up for the hero to emerge. The world has to be in peril before someone inside of you steps up and says “no” through action. 

Other people are not your heroes. The hero who was called forth from inside of them during a time of need is your hero (and theirs). The hero is the character each person becomes when they become more than they are in the face of failure.

The hero is you. 

Because the hero is just a normal person who decided to “put on a cape” by doing more than they thought they could. 


I Am So F*cking Proud Of You.

“But, why? I’ve Failed.” you say. Yes. Exactly because you’ve failed. Look, champions don’t impress me when they win; that’s just what they do. Runners

Hippie Jeff Sh*t

The world is a giant mirror. It reflects how we feel.  If we aren’t seeing favorable things in the world reflected back to us, then


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