This Gym Captures the Magic and Struggle of Being Human.

Because inside of this gym is your story.

It’s the story of someone becoming their own hero.

It’s the story of realizing that time is short, and life should be savored while we’re still young. (and we are all still young.)

It’s your pheonix story of rebirth in truth that can only happen after facing the lies you were sold about your health, the human body, and self-worth.

It’s the story of the busy mother of three choosing between making her own dinner when the kids didn’t finish their corndogs. (but have a corndog once in a while)

It’s the story of the nervous Nelly. He’s so far out of shape compared to who he used to be that he’s afraid of walking in the door. He forgot most people haven’t seen the old him and would accept the version they meet today. They would tell him to keep showing up, just one more time.

That would be encouraging enough for him to keep showing up “one more time” until he is telling the new “nervous Nelly” to keep showing up one more time.

Then he realizes that he’s the old nervous Nelly. And the people who encouraged him were the Nellys that came before.

The trainers were Nellys.

The owner was a Nelly.

And “Hot in Here” is playing on the speakers as you walk in.

Because the struggle is inside our own heads, the magic is all more similar than we think, and that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


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