Your Potential

A bow snapped in my face once.
That moment taught me a lot about your potential.

The problem that people have with potential is they don’t think they have much. Potential doesn’t come at our youngest and then dissipate. It comes, in our tautest, most tensely drawn state. That is where we hold the most energy.

We are bows.

Anger, frustration, and grief are moments of max potential. We’re just too consumed in our anger or grief to realize it.

The things that tense you up, the things that pull at your string and fill you with frustration, shame, or longing? I encourage you to breathe deep, pull harder, and re-direct the bow.

Hate your body, decisions, or place in life? Those are drawn bows. Think of the arrows you could let fly.

What affected you so much that you’re caught in a state or feeling? How badly do you want that to change? And where would you send that arrow if you could release it with all of the intensity built up at this moment?

You can do that.

I’ve had a bow snap in my face. It snapped because it couldn’t hold the tension any longer, and I was the one who made that bow.

It took a lot of “bow moments” to realize I could do something with the energy that would explode if I held on to it too long.

Sit down. Write out a better ending. Make a target, and let the arrows fly.



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