Who Should You Trust?

That’s a complicated question to answer. Most media is self-promotion. Our phones and TVs are so saturated with ad dollars directing what’s considered relevant, that it’s hard for experts to be heard.

So influencers have to yell something that grabs your attention. I call these SOS messages. SOSs are cries for you to “look here!” but there’s no one to rescue. In the sea of attention-grabbing, we forget whether or not the message we are yelling is even true.

Any profitable industry creates charlatans and snake oil salesmen. The chaos-creators think “Hopefully I can build a following. Hopefully, I can sell enough product to be successful.”

The change-makers think “Hopefully, I’ve drawn your attention in an authentic way. Hopefully, I’ve helped enough people that you noticed.”

Castaway was a great movie.



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