Your Three-Step Action Plan for Nutrition: Step 3

If I waited for the perfect plan, none of you would be reading this.

I started training people out of my garage in 2011. It didn’t matter that it was in my garage, it mattered I kept showing up and training people.

The floor was cheap turf. I had cheap equipment from a retail store down the street. None of that mattered, I just had to keep showing up training people.

In the winter, I had a small heater that may have actually made the garage colder. In the summer I had no AC.

Which was a good thing. Because by the time summer was in full swing of 2012, there were two trainers and about 20 clients working out in my garage. I couldn’t pack those people into my hot AF garage with a good heart, and I could tell they were getting sick of it.

That forced me to get a building and make this {in Pinnochio’s voice} “A real business.”

Our corner of the building was full of junk and dusty, and the owner kept horses in it before we came along. None of that mattered. We just had to keep showing up and training people.

We cleaned up and expanded into the whole building, by this time we had an army of people who were happy to help us.

We had good months, and we had bad months. Money, staffing, personal drama, all the things that happen in every business. None of that mattered. We just had to keep showing up and learning how to do this business thing better as we went along.

If the plan was perfect, I never would have become stronger through those lessons. I would’ve been insulated. And the minute something challenging did come my way? I would’ve buckled.

It was always imperfect action, day in and day out that carried us. The days where I dropped the ball? I worked to catch up a couple of days later. That’s how it works.

You don’t have to eat perfectly to see progress. You just have to eat good enough, regularly.

The ones who work on habits and eat wholesome foods in the right amount 80% of the time, are the ones you see multi-year success stories about. They’re often the ones who you see eating pizza and not shaming themselves about it since they know its imperfect action that is the root of all progress.

Make a plan
Track your food.
Drink your water (and mind your business)

If you’ve done that and you’re still falling off the wagon, here’s what I want you to do.


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