2012 Reindeer Games Info and Registration link

2012 Reindeer Games


Its that time of year… We are fueled up from a thanksgiving feast, and working hard through the winter to avoid falling into hibernation mode. Well, kick up your training a notch, because now we have a throw-down in December!

The reindeer games is a CrossFit Games-style competition that has been organized by four CrossFit boxes in central Arkansas. West Little RockCrossFit, CrossFit Legit, Rock City CrossFit and CrossFit Little Rock have worked together to present this competition to benefit The Centers for Youth and Families, and spread the giving community of CrossFit in Central Arkansas.

* This will be a Throwdown-style Competition on December 15th held at:

CrossFit Little Rock

1021 Jessie Road Suite A

Little Rock, AR 72202

* There will be Novice, Amateur, and Pro divisions.

* Prizes will be awarded to best male and female of each division

* All proceeds go to benefit the Center for youth and Families

* Cost is $15 per registrant

* Wods will be released soon!

We encourage all Cross-fitters to compete or attend, and support a great local charity!

Registration link is below.

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