3 Reasons Why Your Fitness Rules Suck

Human behavior and my juvenile record say rules aren’t very effective, especially when you want them followed. 

Even more true is when you’re the one making the rules!

Rules like: 

  • I’ll only eat clean and have no cheat meals this week.
  • No food after 8:00 pm.
  • No creamer in my coffee.
  • No “I hardly know her” jokes after saying words like creamer.

Change is an inside job.

Take kindness.

Instead of doing kind things because it’s the thing to do now, become kind at your core so that when opportunities arise, everything you do will be stamped with your brand of kindness, even when you disagree or go a separate way. 

But if you’re just being kind because it’s a rule you gotta follow, you’ll probably relapse into your old crotchety self when something doesn’t go your way.

Here’s the weakness of rules. People will always find a way to live comfortably within the letter of the law without it affecting their hearts or character.

I implore you.

Do not punish or restrict yourself with rules. Instead, find three great things about you that remind you how you deserve to look really great, feel really great, have a whole lotta fun! Have a whole lotta self-esteem, have a WHOLE LOTTA MONEY!! (Okay, everyone likes that last one.) Then, treat yourself, your schedule, and your food intake accordingly.

“I’m gonna eat a salad each day this week because I deserve to weight a little less and feel great!”

You may have been expecting a list of three things in the post. I’m sure there are three reasons you can find here, but they’re up to you to find because it’s 6:12 pm, and I have some dogs to go pet. 

Have fun.


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