We have a door to Narnia in The Gym.

We have a door to Narnia in the gym.

1) I’m not kidding.

2) Why TF, wouldn’t we?

“You can’t start a business out of your garage and expect people to come.”
“You can’t have a bank loan for this CrossFit fad.”
“You can’t expect people to pay premium prices to work out at a warehouse.”
“You can’t grow a business and act silly all day.”

Oh no? I took the DISC Assessment, and my results came back; “You’re Ridiculous.”

The Narnia door reminds me of how off the wall I can be, how much zaniness I can get away with at my business that’s winning awards multiple years in a row.

It reminds me that we can create our own little utopias in our lives if we’re brave enough to be ourselves and do the work.

Can you be fast like you were in college? Yes.

Can you remove enough aches and pains to hike up to the pinnacle on weekends? Yes.

Can you start living well when your friends and family don’t?
Can you love who you see in the mirror again?
Can you walk away from something because you deserve better?
Can you prove the negative voice in your head wrong?


Who is stopping you except for you?

“I’ll get to it one day.” is what the negative voice says when it’s grown too strong. The internal critic should work for you, not enslave you.

You can do anything you want, bad enough. You can build your own little utopia of a life.

If you still think you can’t have a strong back and shoulders while looking hot in a dress, or you can’t get out of pain or enjoy the cold air pumping fast through your lungs like it used to on winter runs…

Just remember.

I have a door to Narnia in my gym.


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