What Strengthens Us Stays With Us.

How much more energy would you have if you didn’t have to prop up your ego? Finding health can be hard enough because we have unhealthy patterns and blueprints to unlearn; one of those blueprints is called hiding.  

We hide whenever we refuse to use the lighter weight we should because of the person next to us. 

We hide when we skip workouts that we know we aren’t “good” at. Because who said you had to be good at working out? (Another dumb blueprint to unlearn.)

We hide when we make up an excuse, a reason, or a story (or a limiting belief, as I like to call it) as to why we aren’t where we want to be. 

But if we showed up. If we welcomed the feedback and the shitty feeling of not being enough to ride off in the beat-up- 1992 Chevy Corsica it rode in on. 

We’re left with a shiny new Corvette named Growth.

This is what you’re after. 

Not the shirtless post you’ll make one day when you feel acceptable. (dumb blueprint).

Not the compliments from strangers. 

Not the top of the leaderboard.

Don’t get me wrong, these things feel good. They bolster our ego for a short while but lack substance. Why? Because they’re easily faked. 

What strengthens us stays with us. 

Others seeing us do a hard thing brings a zing of happiness.

knowing inside that we did a hard thing is what builds our self-esteem.

And if we’re going to do hard things, we’ll encounter feedback along the way, whether from peers or simply from life. Knowing we overcame challenges is what makes them so sweet in the end.

Look for feedback. It leads to nectar. 

I say all of this as I chew gum to cover up my coffee breath and swoop my hair over the area that’s getting a little thin if you look at it just right. 

Progress over perfection I suppose:) 


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