3 Ways Grounding Can Provide a Better Start to Your Day.

I recently came across an article called the F*ck It List, by Eric Byrnes. Eric was a pro baseball player turned endurance runner. He contends that standing barefoot on raw earth connects the brain to the memory of running through the grass barefoot as a kid. This is a universally happy memory for most people and remembering happy moments make us happier. Trust me, it’s science.

Thus, starting your day with a 2-5 minute happiness practice can set the tone for more happiness and reacting in a positive way to situations throughout the day.

I tried grounding yesterday morning and here is what I experienced.

#1. I actually felt better the minute I stepped onto the grass.
-Maybe it’s because I haven’t put my bare feet on grass in months..or decades. Maybe its because I grew up barefoot and the feeling was a release of nostalgic hormones but I, a skeptic…felt unexpectedly good.

#2. It got me stretching.
-Standing outside was nice, but I was restless after the first minute. I did lots of toe touches, side bends, deep squat holds, and hamstring stretches. I need to stretch more. I already deadlift more than Pete Iaboni, now I just need to be more Gumby-like than he is. I normally just get up an head out the door.

#3. I started my morning in the present.
-Instead of reading emails & Instagram posts on my phone, I was outside, breathing cool air and watching the sunrise. I took a ton of deep breaths because well, there isn’t much more to do when you’re not distracted. I ended up grounding for just under 10 minutes.

Feel Good Hormones, a healthy dose of stretching, and becoming literally grounded in the moment. I like this grounding thing. I don’t know how long I’ll stay with it. But I’m going to do it again tomorrow and keep it in my toolbox of healthy habits.

How to do it.

  1. Wake up.
  2. Get your necessary tasks out of the way. *Get kids moving, feed the dogs, drink some coffee or set it to brew. Not phone stuff. Nothing on that phone is necessary unless Gondor is calling for aid.
  3. Walk outside and find some earth. I prefer grass because I don’t want to wash my feet after I do this.
  4. Step on and set a stopwatch. Go for 2-5 minutes and breath deep.
  5. Try some stretches, meditation, contemplation, or aspirations/mantras.
  6. Go start your day.


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