Sell Yourself on It.

“I don’t have the time” is really code for “It isn’t important enough.”

Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram soak up hours of time. Where does that time come from? We didn’t have social media in 2006. Xanga and Myspace didn’t couldn’t because they weren’t important enough to keep us inside on the computer you needed to run them. “We didn’t have time for social.”

Time is considered the only real asset to us. It is the only truly finite crop. However, in a strange M. Night. Shyamalan twist…time is replenished every second.

Marketers don’t complain that “consumers need more time to watch our ads”. They make their offer more urgent and more attractive.

A pair of shoes is just a pair of shoes. But if you hear your friend explaining how great her new pair of No-Bulls is, you now place value on them Marketers know how to get you to take action. They make it valuable to you.

Be your own marketer. We all know that fitness and eating the right amount of food is valuable. You need to sell yourself that it’s valuable.



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