“Cindy Lou Who”

300 Air Squats For Time

*5 Push-ups at the top of every minute

Time cap of 20 minutes (Record how many air squats you completed if you didn’t finish all 300)

WOD Notes: You need to average 15 air squats every minute to complete the WOD under the time cap.  Do NOT burn out in the first few minutes, find a pace that you can maintain and remember to breathe (quick inhale before each rep and forceful exhale at the end of each rep).


Battle of the Sexes (BOTS) Event #3: Top 2 guys will square off against top 2 girls.

Partner #1 will hold at the bottom of a pull-up.  Partners can switch with one another but one person must always be on the bar.  The event is meant to test communication and grip endurance.  It is designed so that one partner can rest while the other works.  The first team to have both partners off the bar loses.


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