Remember When?!

I read Robert Kyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad books. They are financial books, so it surprising how many Zen ideologies I see in them. One in particular, “People dress when they felt the best”.

Why do 40 year-olds wear their high school football hoodie?

Have you seen someone with a hairstyle that Richard Simmons would consider “glorious!”

Nostalgia is a force, close to a drive.

Who doesn’t love seeing commercials from their childhood on Facebook with the title “share if you remember this one!” It’s not the commercial that I love. I love to remember my childhood home. Our goofy blue couches, and the bay window in the dining room. I picture the slide-out table where my mom drank tea most mornings aswhile I played with our golden retriever, Sadie. It all comes back, and I relish in it.

It all comes back, and I relish.

Why do we want to be in the past? Because we felt happy then.

But that is just one chapter in our life.

One that has value in nostalgia, but not in living over and over.

Now what?

Those memories wouldn’t exist without you being present back then. Be present now and add to the memory bank so that you can withdrawal later. I hope you have many more “remember whens?!” to share 10 years from now that will remind you of this time.




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