Beware Of Easy

A good coach is more effective than pills or surgery for resolving body composition ailments. 


The work is done BY you, not FOR you. A good coach cannot lift the weight for you, but they can show you how to lift it step-by-step so your fear of lifting it dissipates. 

You learn to use your resources to improve your condition. The beauty of a coached session is that it ends. You have to return to the real world and stare at your pantry (your problems) and manage them so you feel proud the next time you attend a session. 

It’s simple. There’s a ton of free knowledge and even more expensive dogma. You can buy detoxes, a caveman training program, or “fix your brain before you fix your body” e-books. Great coaches remove dead ends and time-sucks. She says “Drink two of those big bottles of water you like. Prep your food tomorrow after you get home from work. I’ll see you after you do that.”

It’s Gradual. No one is cured after one meeting. It can take years to get to a bad place. Thankfully, it will take about half that time or less to carve out a good place. 

It’s not easy. It takes effort, but you can also have an enormous amount of fun while doing it. 

Easy is an idea we project to make snake oil solutions attractive enough to get past the snake oil part.

P.S. Beware of easy. I’ve seen a lot of suffering come from easy choices. I’ve seen a lot more meaning and good come from the hard choices.


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